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International company founded in 1990

We are a small scale international company founded in 1990 and located near Paris. We are specialized in the design and production of medical devices. Our products are distributed in over 30 countries throughout the world.

We produce medical devices in three areas:

Our orientation towards international markets is the result of both an observation and a will: distributing our medical devices towards different practitioners in difference countries will enhance their effectiveness and economical efficiency.

This position allows us to constantly improve our medical devices, to set up new solutions and to enhance the quality of our service.

Last, the size of our production tool and our organization allow us to control our costs and to set the price of medical devices as low as possible, in order to treat as many patients as possible.

Today ISO Med has ambitious projects for the future and offers high quality products. We wish to develop our distribution network and be a reference in the healthcare industry.

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