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Irrigation Catheter – Single Lumen
ISOMed Irrigation Catheters – single lumen are made with Pebax. They are colour coded for easy identification. Irrigation catheters are gradated every five centimetre from the distal end, and are reinforced with a removable steel wire.

Irrigation Catheters are intended to inject by venous or peripheral arterial system, injectable form solutions. They could be used with our other catheters ( embolectomy, thrombectomy, occlusion and biliary) during the procedure. It is generally used to inject an anticoagulant solution such the heparined serum.

Double packaged – Sterile (ethylene oxide).

330440 4 Red 400 1.35
330480 4 Red 800 1.35
330540 5 White 400 1.70
330580 5 White 800 1.70
330640 6 Blue 400 2.00
330680 6 Blue 800 2.00

Made in France

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