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PAINKWELL – Postoperative Pain Management system
PainKwell is a portable, single use, disposable postoperative pain management device that delivers a continuous, controlled infusion of local anaesthetic to the surgical site.

The use of systemic narcotic analgesics can carry several adverse side effects.

For that reason, we propose the tried and tested technique of infusing local analgesics and/or opioids directly into surgical wounds as a method for acute pain management, to reduce the need for parenteral or oral postoperative narcotics. These products are administered by an infusion pump, directly into the surgical wound, including intra-articular and soft tissue, as well as peri-neural areas.

The advantages of this method of pain management are:

  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Improved recovery time
  • Reduced length of stay
  • Faster recovery time towards mobility
  • Reduced opiod needs
  • Reduced hospital costs

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